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    2015年11月湖南成人教育學位英語試題和答案 免費下載
    發布時間:2016年06月02日 來源:湖南大學自考學位
    Part ⅠDialogue completion (10 points)
    Dialogue one
    Tom: Do you go to college?
    Mike: Yes. __1__
    Tom: What college do you go to?
    Mike: I go to Pasadena City College.
    Tom: Do you like it?
    Mike: Oh, yes. __2__
    Tom: why do you like it?
    Mike: Because it has great teachers.
    Tom: __3__
    Mike: I like all my classmates, too.
    Tom: Anything else?
    Mike: Yes. __4__
    A. It’s not expensive! B. You bet.
    C. I think I do. D. what else?
    Dialogue Two
    Speaker A: I just recently moved into the neighborhood.
    Speaker B: __5__ How recently?
    Speaker A: Just last week.
    Speaker B: What kinds of things have you been doing out there?
    Speaker A: __6__
    Speaker B: why not?
    Speaker A: I don't know what to do.
    Speaker B: There're all sort of things to do.
    Speaker A: __7__
    Speaker B: Shopping, or seeing a movie, or even going to the beach.
    Speaker A: That sounds great.
    A. I haven't been doing much. B. Really?
    C. How are you doing? D. Like what?

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